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Three Reasons Why Pros Give Free Advice

Written by Best SEO Advice. Posted in Homepage

It may seem counterintuitive that anyone who sells SEO services for a living would be willing to give out free SEO advice. But it does happen, and it happens every day in articles, blogs, forums, and innumerable comments posted to each of the above. So why should professionals be so willing to freely impart their hard earned knowledge?

First, some of the best SEO tips are really just common sense. Every web page owner should know, for instance, not to spam sites with their links, or not to jam so many keywords into their copy that it becomes unreadable. While these may seem like fast ways to rise in the search rankings, they are not genuine. Common sense SEO tells us that black hat techniques like these will not only turn off your visitors, but will also earn your page a penalty from the very search engines you need to rank your page.

Second, while these bits of free SEO advice are indeed common sense to the online community, the proper implementation and maintenance of these techniq