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Being a vehicle inspector is one of the most important and lucrative career options for auto mechanics that can be found in business. Employers can hire vehicles inspectors in dealerships as well as public agencies as well as private companies such as a rental company. Be aware that inspecting a vehicle has great risk of being held accountable that is entailed with it. Inspections conducted by vehicle inspectors should be thorough. 14. Diesel mechanic Large machines, including buses and trucks can still be powered by diesel engines. Though some cities are working to phase out diesel engines on their transportation vehicles, some track and busses still utilize diesel engines. This is where diesel mechanics can step into the picture, helping to repair any type of crane, from bulldozers and cranes. Diesel mechanics can work in the marine industry as well as with local authorities, or even in wholesale trades. 15. Motorcycle mechanics A mechanic is trained specifically to address issues that can arise due to motorcycles. A majority of people view their Harley-Davidson Chopper or Kawasaki speedbike to be their most prized item. As such, motorcycle mechanics need to be trained to diagnose motorcycle problems in any kind of bike including dirt bikes, sportbikes cruisers sports bikes. A mechanic on motorcycles that is adept at repairing old bikes can fix them without causing damage. One advantage of becoming an experienced motorcycle mechanic is that more and more local authorities are using motorcycles in their police department. Motorcycle mechanics can be employed directly by a municipality or local police department . They can only repair police vehicles including BMW brand. 16. Small Engine Technician Small engines are located on ATVs, and are attached to bikes, as well on lawnmowers. Yes the lawnmowers! They’re rather pricey! mmsyde8lh1.

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