Family Dentists and Cavities How to Talk to Children About Sugar, Sweets, and Oral Care – Best Family Games

Along with other issues with health, oral cavities can result from poor oral hygiene. The McNel Fam has an educational video called “Guess what number of Cavities Mom was shocked by the results The Spring Baseball Begins” that explains why it is important to check in regularly with your dentist for a check to ensure you are not suffering from any.

Plaque forms on your teeth after food particles pile up and cause bacteria to form in your teeth. Acids are generated, which could cause enamel to be destroyed. The best way to avoid the formation of plaque by flossing and brushing your teeth. Plaque build-up can cause cavities. Cavities cause holes to form within your teeth. If left untreated, they eventually end up causing irreparable damage. There are several signs that indicate you might be suffering from cavities.

It is sensitive to cold and hot food and drinks. It is possible to feel pain in your tooth. On your teeth, stains are visible and may appear brown, or even white. The possibility is that you may see a white pit or spot on one or more the teeth.

Make an appointment with your dentist if suffering from persistent toothache and stained or swollen teeth. It is also recommended that you consult the dentist in your family every 6 months to make sure you are maintaining healthy oral health.


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