Four of the Best SEO Copywriting Tips You Will Ever Get

Did you know that 80 percent of people who use search engines never click on sponsored advertising, instead favoring organic links? And did you know that most of those people never look past the first page of results? For businesses, it is important to have a website that ranks high for key words and phrases that are relevant to the products or services they are providing. SEO, or search engine rank optimization, helps businesses raise their site rank and net more online visibility. SEO is primarily about writing quality copy. If you are interested in SEO, what are some SEO copywriting tips you can take into consideration?

First, anything you write should be interesting and engaging from the very first line. Do not make things sound like a business proposition or a cheesy infomercial. In other words, avoid opening with phrases such as, Are You Experiencing Tax Issues And Looking for Tax Relief? Well, Here’s The Product For You! No one wants to read an ad in their spare time. At least, not a blatant ad. Instead, open with an interesting fact about tax law in the US, and then move into what potential solutions are for issues with tax problems.

Second, remember formatting rules, because they will be your friend in terms of the best SEO copywriting tips. It is important to space information out in small paragraphs, use proper capitalization and comma placement, and avoid using too many colloquial devices such as an ellipses when you are not actually showing a removal of information.

Third, website SEO tips should include that writing should be clear and concise. Many beginning SEO writers, unsure of the subject matter they are handling, try and confuse their reader with large, clinical terms and descriptions. Maybe if they do not understand what I am talking about, they will not realize I have NO idea what I am talking about! Goes the logic. The better plan, however, is to explain the subject to yourself as you go along. Veer toward being too basic rather than being too complex, and if you have trouble filling the space, look for recent headlines that might fit into your story as a side note.

Fourth, Finally, the best SEO advice you can get is to pay attention to other headlines and popular articles. What pieces have the most views in your favorite online newspaper? What are the similarities between them? Someone giving me SEO copywriting tips once pointed out that the best SEO is, in a way, a quick study in human psychology.

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