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Water is a good drink even for kids. In encouraging children to drink daily water, you’re teaching them how to promote healthful eating habits at home. It is important to encourage your child to drink fluids regularly However, it’s vital that they remain hydrated throughout the day. It will allow them to retain their energy and prevent the effects of dehydration. But, if children weigh less than 100 pounds the usual guidance is to take half that amount of water a day. In other words, your child should consume an average of 40 ounces every day if they weigh around 80 pounds. Along with children, the need for water is important for all pregnant women’s overall health.

In lieu of drinks that are sugary such as juice, soda or even soda Offer water to your children during meals. Milk is another option that could be helpful for kids. If you provide your child with an easy-to-use, mobile water bottle that they can drink from and inspire them to consume more water. You can add fruits to your water like oranges or strawberries, to provide it with a better flavor. In addition, lemon juice helps with digestion, could be added into the water. In order to prevent water from getting contaminated ensure that your plumbing is in good working order.

Keep a plan

You might find it easier to control your appetite and to make healthier food choices when you follow a consistent schedule. Breakfast should be taken by your child no later than one hour after they awake. They will eat again about 4 or 5 hours later following a fourth food intake of 4 to 5 hours after. There are healthy snack options across all five food types to your child, if they feel hungry between meals. Snacks with small amounts of protein shouldn’t be eaten more than two hours before the next or previous meal. Some examples are boiled egg, a half apple, or a platter of fresh vegetables and Hummus. Also, they will be cognizant about the concept of healthy eating at home.


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