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> Facial paralysis Herpes Zoster Varicose veins anxiety and depression High blood pressure and skin issues Gynecological and fertility problems Thermo-syndromic conditions like arthritis Blood disorders like hemophilia and anemia. What to ask your Doctor First

Check with your doctor prior to starting cupping or using other forms of complementary or alternative medicine. Speak with your cupping therapist prior to the procedure. Ask them:

Are there any good reasons to not seek cupping? Are you already getting standard treatments for my condition? What are the conditions they recommend cupping to treat? What exactly is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy makes use of small cups made of glass bamboo, animal horns or even wood. A cupping professional might employ silicone cups or medical-grade glass to check the health of your skin. The process of sterilizing these products is straightforward, and they the perfect cupping tool. They can be treated by the therapist, before applying them to the patient’s skin. The therapist then applies suction across the areas in need of treatment. There are a myriad of Cupping techniques to choose from. Although dry cupping is mostly concentrated on suction, massage cupping involves applying essential oils to the skin beneath the cups. Within a few minutes of suction this method is a possibility. This method draws some liquid into the cup as a result of suction. For the wounds to heal, you can apply bandages or an antiseptic cream on the cut skin after the cups have been removed.

What Acupuncture Treatment Looks Like

In acupuncture therapy, small thin needles are inserted at certain points of a patient’s body. An acupuncturist who is licensed is a professional with the knowledge to treat you.


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