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Restraining orders: Individuals is likely to seek an order of restraining if their parent or spouse causes them to feel threatened or in immediate danger. The family court system handles these cases and can grant an emergency order in order to protect individuals. Once the plaintiff and the defendant are in court, the judge will decide whether or not the ruling is permanent.

Custody conflict: Sometimes two parents divorce and decide that they do not wish to live with each other. The parents may be able to have different opinions about how they want to raise their children. Most of these cases are handled regularly by families law courts.

Divorce: Family courts also handle divorce proceedings. Divorces occur when two parties cannot live peacefully due to irreconcilable differences as well as infidelity and other problems.

Guardianship: Sometimes, parents of a child might require another person in charge of that child as a guardian. These requests can also be taken care of by the court system for families.

Support for children: A parent of the child may ask for support for their child if they do not receive enough monetary assistance to rear their child at a reasonable pace. The family court judge will examine the parents’ earnings and determine how much the requesting parent should be receiving.

Parental paternity: for child support or visitation, proof of a child’s paternity could be demanded by the parents. Everyone involved will be asked to attend a meeting with the family court to be subject to any testing required. A judge will then decide on the amount of child care to be paid after paternity is recognized.

Name change requests: Names are usually changed when a divorce or marriage occurs. Some situations are where people could want to alter their name in between. The family court handles these cases as well.

The judge is able to hear the reasons of the party making the request . The judge also examines the person they are planning to take on. The request u


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