Why a Divorce Lawyer Is Important – New York State Law

They will assist you with difficult issues like child custody and alimony. They are responsible for protecting your interests in the divorce.
Is it possible to contest an annulment without fault?
It can. This can happen when partners disagree over definition of divorce, and, as such, can’t avoid a trial.
Each spouse can be divorced.
However, they will not be granted priority be given priority over the first petitioner. In the event of a judge asking for dismissal that second petitioner is required to be able to withdraw the case. This will allow for the court to take care of divorce proceedings within the first petitioner’s court.
Can I contact the lawyer of my husband?
You are able to. However, only if self-presentation is permissible. If you are represented by a lawyer on your behalf, these contacts will be considered as violating professional or ethical rules.
You can get married with out a divorce?
Yes, if you were not legally married. However, you cannot do this if you have been legally married before and your divorce decree or certificate of dissolution of marriage hasn’t yet been signed to confirm the end of the union. The act is deemed to be bigamy and can result in the possibility of a criminal conviction. wpk92exzcz.

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