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r, New York, chances are incredibly high that you’ve heard about the famous garbage plates of New York. Perhaps you’re thinking “Why should anyone eat food that has the words “garbage” in it?” It could be that you are one of the people to ask this week!
Look into these local restaurants for lunch that are sure to please you the whenever you’re in the Flower City.

The city is home to a vast range of dining options, from new vegan restaurants to old-fashioned diners that have a retro feel to them. Rochester’s culinary scene has long history, with many restaurants being established in historic structures, like the Sibley Building situated downtown. This is the home of Mercantile on Main. It has various restaurants of Rochester. It’s an excellent place to meet up with colleagues and friends to eat lunch.

Highland Park Diner or Jines is a fantastic option for brunch if you are in the mood. Drink famous milkshakes with your family before strolling around Highland Park or Park Avenue.

In all likelihood, as was previously mentioned, if you’re situated in Rochester it would be an absolute sin to go on by without trying the garbage plates. Make sure to stop by Nick Tahou Hots, the original home of the dish to experience the total magic that is a garbage plate.

Are you a person with the desire for sweetness? Visit Abbotts, where you can get the best custard in town. g4to4xw3tv.

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